SBE Committees

Our Committees are the heart and soul of our PTO, the people who keep our fundraising efforts and community programs running all year long. Time spent volunteering for SBE can be rewarding and fun. And, with a variety of opportunities for our parents to help volunteer, there is something for everyone, at every level of volunteerism.


To assist in pairing your interests up with the needs of our PTO Committees, you will find an informative summary of each of the Committees that serve our school and community. Please take a look at the Committees we currently have.   If there is one or more of interest to you, email the PTO board to get involved. Whether you have 30 minutes or 30 hours, we are thrilled to have the benefit of your support and time. Please know that all volunteers of SBE are required to attend county training – this can usually be done at school or online. Thanks for helping make SBE the best it can be!

General Duties to Consider for All Committee Chairs

Committees are critical in helping attain PTO goals. Here is a basic list of duties for all of the Committee Chairs. Although previous work experience is not required, there are some things to keep in mind when considering which area is your best volunteer job.

  • Research and seek information in the area of interest. Once you are selected as Chair/co-Chair, prepare a Plan of Work for approval by the Executive Committee. Initiate and execute approved Plan. The Plan of Work is due to the EC by the end of August.
  • Responsible for maintaining a procedure book (or Committee Binder). These binders are located in the SBE library for each Committee Chair to check out at the start of the school year. These can be checked out like library books using your name and phone number. You can keep them as long as you need during the school year; however, they must be updated and checked back into the library at the end of each school year. They are a collection of notes and best practices noted along the year to pass on to the next volunteer helping to address the “How do I ?, Where do I ?”, etc.
  • Consider attending local, council, district, state, and national meetings when applicable.
  • Respond promptly to correspondence or requests and keep accurate files as you represent your PTO and school.
  • Be able to make reports or provide updates to your Vice President when requested so he/she can report back to board meetings.
  • Know that the Vice President over your Committee is also a member and should be advised of and asked to attend all meetings.
  • Remember only the President has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the association.
  • Work closely with other Chairpersons and other Committees and, where possible, combine your efforts so that duplication will be avoided and programs and projects will be strengthened by new ideas and manpower.
  • Before adding members to your Committee, confer with your liaison to the board or Vice-President.
  • Secure approval before undertaking any substantial work.
  • Publicize your program/activity/event using resources available such as the school and PTO newsletters, our Facebook pages and flyers sent home via weekly folders. The PTO President and SBE Principal must approve all flyers. Your Vice-President or board liaison will send all communications to the Principal. You can work with the Communications VP for help and assistance.
  • Remember the purposes and basic policies that guide PTO activities.
  • If your Committee will be purchasing goods or services be sure to have shopped around for competitive pricing. In order to be good stewards of our SBE families and their donations we should always be in search of the best purchase for our school’s needs.
  • Spend money only with prior approval and within an approved budget. Be prepared to present to the board your reasoning for choosing one vendor over another.
  • When you have completed your Chairpersonship term, check the procedure book or Committee binder back into the library so that your successor will have access to it. Include any suggestions you may have that will be of help in carrying out the duties of the next Chairpersonship.
  • Help train your successor.