Coupons and Rebates

Buy. Clip. Send. Earn. Have you ever cut off a box top coupon? Then you are nearly half way to running this Committee.


The Chairperson coordinates the collection, organization, and submission of Box Tops for Education and organizes classroom contests and prizes. Other than collecting Box Tops from school at end of each contest and periodically throughout the year, this is a position that can mainly be done from home.


It is also helpful to organize volunteers to help collect and count BoxTops periodically throughout the year. It is helpful to organize volunteers to help count and organize the BoxTops at contest time – twice a year.Make sure to complete the required submission paperwork as needed.


A flyer will need to be created at the beginning of the year and again in the spring to raise awareness and motivate supporters about the school's Box Tops Program. You can use Facebook to communicate the school's earnings progress to school supporters.


You will also promote a contest twice a year as part of the awareness campaign where the student with the most/or class with the most

Time needed:

Busy two weeks around contest time, otherwise light work through the year.

Lifespan of Committee: Year round – but mostly one week in fall and one week in spring around contest time.

Characteristics/Skills Needed

Creativity: Ability to create flyers to promote collection and contests as well as come up with prizes for top students.


Organization: Work with volunteers to organize the thousands of BoxTops and keep a spreadsheet of the top classes and students who’ve collected the most.


Dependable: Submit BoxTops in a timely manner according to the program’s request in order for the school to receive the reimbursement checks and or reward points as offered.

Personal benefits:

Have a helping hand in raising funds for the school and you get to help coordinate a party for the class that wins the collection contests.


For more information about Coupons and Rebates at SBE, email our current Committee Chair, Callie McGee (