Valentine Carnation Sale

Want to make someone feel extra special this Valentines Day? Or just want to take an opportunity to thank someone for going that little bit extra? We can help you give that someone special something a little extra special.


Coordinate the sale of pink/red carnations for Valentines Day.


Coordinate the sale, order and distribution of the carnations for Valentines Day.

Time Needed:

Planning the actual activity may take a few days. You will need to collect order forms, process the monies, order the flowers and enlist volunteers to help tag and distribute the flowers. The tagging is done on one day and distribution to the classrooms on anoter.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Dependability and organization

Lifespan of Committee:

Usually one work week, in Feburary

Personal Benefits:

This is a real opportunity to put faces with the names of various staff members, and to work with other parents throughout the week.