Spirit Nights

The Chair or Chairs for this Committee are responsible for securing 8-10 Spirit Night locations (one per month) through the school year. Spirit Nights are held on the third Thursday each month unless there is a conflict or holiday that falls on that day/week. In some cases it may make sense to use an early release day to line up an opportunity for SBE families. Ideally, Spirit Nights are held in locations where families can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a fun family-friendly outing within close proximity to SBE. The catch is that these events are lined up and secured prior to the PTO Calendar being released before school begins in the fall. Aim to have agreed on a proceed percentage before the event is secured for a date (typically we try for 15-20%).


Secure a business for each Spirit Night that is willing to “host” our student families and in return proceeds of the sales back to our school.

Time Needed:

A couple of hours before school starts to secure the locations for the year – these dates are locked in place in August. In additional you will spend a couple of hours each month advertising the upcoming event in the newsletter and FB pages.

Characteristics/ Skills Needed:

Dependability: Can be counted on to complete tasks.

It is beneficial to have good negotiation skills with business owners.


This is a once a month event – however it is year round