Partners in Education

Did you know that many of the school enhancements, extra programming, teacher grants and family sponsored events are funded via sponsorships and partner agreements from local businesses? We rely heavily on our Partners in Education (PIE) and really try to find mutually beneficial ground on which to build a relationship. With nearly 1,100 children enrolled, SBE provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses to market their products and services to the family members of attending children.

We offer our PIEs many differing levels of partnership to allow for advertising via multiple, established mediums to SBE parents throughout the school year.



To encourage local businesses to become a Partner in Education for SBE by way of making a cash donation towards the fundraising efforts of the calendar year.


The Chair/Chairs for this Committee should proactively seek out businesses that would welcome the opportunity to promote their business to our community while offering a benefit to our students and SBE families. This Committee will work closely with the board to determine the appropriate levels and correlated donations and how to offer differentiation between them. Chairs for both the PIE and Spirit Night often work side by side on various efforts and also are tapped at our larger events – Bingo Night and Spring Fling. It is ideal to gather as many PIEs in July and August as possible to offer these businesses the most for their cash donations. There is another opportunity for a big push in January after the holidays and give businesses another shot at donation and opportunity for a presence at our biggest fundraisers.


Time Needed:

  • Several days in early August - biggest push is before school starts.
  • Several hours each month

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Excellent communication and outreach skills Organization skills to keep order of all deposits

Lifespan of Committee:

Year round

Personal Benefits:

Great opportunity to network with local businesses. If you are a small business owner, this affords you the opportunity to meet other business owners.


For more information about our Partners in Education program, email Chenin Kemmerlin (