PTO Newsletter

The work of the PTO is promoted through its publications. This is the main communication vehicle for our organization. This Committee is responsible for developing and distributing a bi-monthly newsletter to parents and staff.


Solicit information regarding upcoming school events, print updates on past activities, as well as, providing helpful information for parents and print news from teachers regarding classroom events/curriculum. Keep a calendar of events upon which to report. Copy and distribute newsletter. Make sure each issue contains the name, address of the PTO, and school (if a local unit). Include a masthead in each issue (the box with name of the newsletter), name and address of the president, editor, and information on the newsletter such as copy deadlines and frequency of publication.

  • Make sure each issue contains the PTO logo adapted for your unit.
  • Include a message from the PTO President in each issue.
  • Feature a mix of short informational items and longer, factual articles or mini-features.
  • Invite the school principal and staff to write. Give them a specific topic, some pointers on what the audience would want to know, and a word limit.
  • Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and usage.
  • Edit for clarity and style and eliminate extra words and jargon.
  • Be sure to obtain the principal’s approval for newsletter prior to printing/posting.
  • Be sure to include Committee Updates, provide information about ongoing volunteer opportunities. 
  • Email the newsletter monthly to parents.

Time Needed:

At least a several hours per newsletter.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Creativity: Ability to develop new and interesting ideas.

Dependability: Can be counted on to complete tasks.

Resourcefulness: Finds inventive ways to complete a project.

Lifespan of Committee:

August through June.

Personal Benefits:

Most newsletter work can be accomplished at home. You will always be aware of school events and activities.


For more information about The Orbiter and or contributions to our PTO Newsletter, email our VP of Communications Rebecca Hall (