Mother Son Night

You are his mother and will always be his first love. This is a night especially for moms and their boys. This special event gives our SBE Mothers a chance to spend some quality time with their little “men.” In years past we have done dances, movies, BMX event and a night at a trampoline park.


Organize a special night between moms and their sons where SBE Mothers can create lifelong memories with their boys and have pictures taken.


Work with the members of the committee to prepare for the event. Coordinate and purchase the food/drinks and determine a price for items or per attendee to offset the cost of the DJ and or photo opps. If held at the school – the Chair will need to coordinate for custodial staffing and ensure that a member of administration is present. Volunteer staff will be needed to help run the event as well as man the food tables – as needed. In previous years this has also included a DJ to emcee the event and keep the music current and fun.

Time needed:

And a couple of weeks (hours here and there) preparation ahead of the event (Fall event).

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Creativity: Ability to create flyers, and come up with a theme for the event.

Organization: Prepare to collect attendance fees or ticket costs in advance of the event.

Dependable: Must be present at the event and secure staffing as needed.

Lifespan of Committee:

One month in the fall

Personal benefits:

Get to bring to life one of the most memorable nights between a Mom and her son (s).


For more information about Mother Son Night, email one of our current Committee Chairs, Melissa Frey ( or Amie Hebb (