Holiday Shop


An event that gives children the opportunity to do holiday shopping for family and friends at very reasonable prices.


Organize tables, create and distribute flyers, and secure volunteers to work

Time needed:

Planning the event may take several Committee meetings, phone calls or emails. Depending on sub-Committees, several hours may be needed to either shop, make phone calls to other parents, complete above duties, or assemble items. For the actual days of the boutique time can be divided among Chairpersons. Usually the boutique is the first week in December.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Creativity, Dependability, Organization

Lifespan of Committee:

A month in total – Late Nov/Early December

Personal benefits:

This is an awesome event for the children. To see the excitement in their eyes while they are shopping for mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, dog, cat, etc. is just wonderful.


For more information about Holiday Shop Committee at SBE, email our current Committee Chair, Melissa Frey (