Fundraising and Membership

The Fundraising/Membership Chairperson and Committee are responsible for promoting the value of PTO, increasing PTO membership and giving everyone in the community an opportunity to belong. The Chair of this Committee works closely with the treasurer to ensure the accuracy of reporting membership dues. There is a requirement to maintain a list of each person who joins the PTO. The membership list must be kept accurate as it is used for eligibility of voting delegates during local unit business.

The membership year is July 1 to June 30. At the beginning of the school year, this committee will conduct an annual membership drive and continue to encourage others to join throughout the year. However, note that membership dues may be accepted at any time.

The Membership Chairperson/Committee should:

  1. Secure records of membership and procedure book from the previous year’s Chairperson.
  2. Plan early. Involve as many people as you can. Ask for cooperation from the room representatives.
  3. Work with the Membership Committee to adopt a Plan of Work that includes conducting a membership campaign during the entire school year.
  4. Produce and keep track of all cards... they must be accounted for.
  5. Send a cordial letter of invitation to join the PTO to each student. (This is generally done as an included flyer in the back to school PTO packet.)
  6. Be prepared to begin the membership campaign early as soon as teachers report back to school; at parent/student orientation events; and the first week of school.
  7. Encourage enrollment of all parents, teachers, principals, and staff at your school.

Time Needed:

  • Several days in early August including all Open House and Curriculum Nights.
  • A week to produce and distribute PTO Membership Cards

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Excellent communication and outreach skills Organization skills to keep order of all deposits. Be able to work in Excel for membership tracking.

Lifespan of Committee:

  • One to two weeks in August during the membership drive
  • A couple of hours each month in the fall to process any additional memberships

Personal Benefits:

You will have a helping hand in raising the most funds for PTO. This is our single biggest source of fundraising we do all year long.