Breakfast with Santa

This is a Winter Holiday event with pancake breakfast, crafts, and a chorus concert performed by our own SBE Stars. Children have the opportunity to talk with Santa and have their picture taken.


Organize a Winter Holiday event at the school where SBE families can come and have breakfast with Santa and have pictures taken.


Work with the members of the committee to prepare for the event. Plan and coordinate a breakfast for approximately 800+ attendees. Order, purchase and transport all food to the school. Coordinate and purchase the food/drinks and determine a price for items or per attendee to offset the cost of the Santa and or photo opps. The Chair will need to coordinate with the school for custodial staffing and ensure that a member of administration is present. Volunteer staff will be needed to help run the event as well as man the food tables. In previous years this has also included a “winter performance” from our SBE Chorus Stars. The chorus performance will need to be scheduled before the start of the school year so the music teach can plan and practice with the students accordingly.

Time needed:

A couple of hours before school starts to determine the inclusion of the SBE Chorus. And a couple of weeks (hours here and there) preparation ahead of the event (late November and early December). You are busy right after Thanksgiving break until the day of the event to pick up food, prepare set up, and count money and tickets.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

Creativity: Come up with decorations, themes, create flyers, and provide a backdrop for Santa.

Organization: Prepare to collect attendance fees or ticket costs in advance of the event. Organize the event in a timely manner and be the event manager the day of BWS.

Dependable: Must be present at the event and secure staffing as needed.

Lifespan of Committee:

August through December

Personal benefits:

Get to bring to life one of the most magical moments of the holidays.


For more information about Breakfast with Santa at SBE, email our current Committee Chair, Melissa Frey (