Book Fair  

The goal of this reading enrichment committee is to organize and staff an on-site, weeklong book fair to encourage and excite students and families to read. Proceeds support the purchase of new books for the school.   With this being a twice per school year, week-long fundraising event, it is ideal that there are two Chairs for this Committee. Be sure to consider the best time of year for holding these events. We have found it most successful when the book fair is tied to an onsite event, such as a concert or event or both. It is also valuable to stay open one day into Startime hours for parents picking up their kids to shop at their leisure.



Organize Fall and Spring Book Fairs.


Work with the Media Center Specialist, committee members, and Scholastic to plan two book fairs per year - one in the fall and one in the spring. The largest effort for this event is staffing. Here are some items to consider when staffing:

  • Create a sign-up genius more than a month in advance
  • Ensure that volunteers attend a training session
  • Create a teacher preview opportunity and consider refreshments or snacks (ask PIEs or sponsors for donations to keep costs down)
  • Set up and break down days with 8-10 people make it go timely and efficiently
  • Consider shift options in 3-4 hour blocks
  • Be sure to communicate the options in discounts if longer volunteer hours means more discounts.

Time needed:

Total Time per year: 2 weeks

A Committee meeting or two prior to the book fair to divide up the duties:

  • Creating and sending out flyers
  • Organize volunteers to work at the fair
  • Setting up the fair the day before it begins
  • Working at the fair - usually two days and one night
  • Re-ordering books with Scholastic, if needed
  • Closing up the fair and packing up what is left
  • Additionally time will be spent on the following:
    • Working with the treasurer for start up money and depositing all of the money collected.
    • Working with Scholastic in planning the fair
    • Work with the office staff/PTO board on the dates and locations to see what is available

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

  • Creativity: Ability to create flyers, posters and generate interest.
  • Dependability: You will need to attend the fair and be available should any emergency arise.
  • Organization: The week of the fair is a very busy time and staffing all of the work hours can be a challenge. You will need to be able to work well with all parties to ensure success. 

Lifespan of Committee:

Twice a year your life is very hectic for about a week. Otherwise it is a few hours prior to the book fair.

Personal benefits:

Helping to obtain more books for the school’s library for the kids is the best benefit. You get to help all of the students chose their books, work with other parents at the fairs.


For more information about Book Fair at SBE, email our current Committee Chair VP, Crystal Dorn (