Bingo Night

This is one of our larger fundraising events.   As such, ideally there will be two Chairs for this Committee. For SBE, the PTO holds Recreational Bingo, which is free of charge. We do not charge participants to play and do not award cash prizes.



Chairs for this Committee are responsible for the planning, advertising, and orchestrating of this event. This includes the creation of a flyer, collecting of donations (working in conjunction with any Partners in Education (PIE) or sponsors) from local businesses for raffle prizes, and coordinating the volunteers needed as well as the volunteer schedule. Be sure to work with your PIE Chair to ensure that any business that is “entitled” the option to have a table at the event has been contacted in enough time to plan and attend.

When staffing the event, be sure you have considered all of the following.

  • DJ needed to emcee the night – along with raffle list order – and plan for expense.
  • Teacher/Principal volunteer to call out bingo (2-3 shifts is ideal)
  • Custodial Support – work with Tammy Mathis to coordinate and plan for expense.
  • Food – consider a sponsor or PIE who will offer reduced costs or % of proceeds
  • Drinks – in the past a discount warehouse purchase of these has been planned
  • Treats – a ice cream stand can be made available – again consider sponsors and ensure reduced rate or % of proceeds
  • Table counts for PIE businesses (work with PIE Chair and SBE custodial staff)
  • Volunteer Coordination
    • Sign up genius – and communication for people to sign up
    • Staff for food/drink sales (2 min, 3-4 ideal)
    • Staff for raffle ticket sales (2 min, 3-4 ideal)
    • Staff for dauber sales (2 min, 3-4 ideal)
    • Someone to collect the halves of raffle tickets at door
    • Board members ready to use card readers – if decided to take CC
    • Set up/Clean up assistance – get/return items to PTO storage Closet

Time needed:

Few hours a week for a month or two prior to the event – then need a full day the day of the event.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:

  • Creativity: Ability to create flyers, and promote your event to the school
  • Dependability: You will need to be able to be at the school for vendors as they arrive or have scheduled for someone to be present on your behalf.
  • Organization: The week of Bingo Night usually coincides with Book Fair as such you will need to work with the Book Fair Chair(s) and organize the evening’s plan accordingly.

Lifespan of Committee:

One month in total

Personal benefits:

Putting on one of SBE Community’s favorite events while raising money for the benefit of our students and school.


For more information about Bingo Night at SBE, email our current Committee Chair, Kimberly McLaughlin (