2018 Impressions Winners

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2nd Grade

Honorable Mention - Tatiana A “Cheap Thrills”  

2nd Place - Nitya R “My Kathak Dance”

1st Place - Yashika R “Folk Dance”


3rd Grade

2nd Place - Kristyana S “The Pink Flamingo”

1st place - Navya K “My Favorite Place - Nature”


5th Grade

1st place - Rhea N “The Wonderful Gym”


Film Production


1st Grade

1st place - Shreeya “My Favorite Garden”


2nd Grade

1st place - Thaman K “My Home Jewel”


3rd Grade

2nd place - Tejas V “Home Sweet Home”

1st place - Gillie B “Welcome to Universal”


5th Grade

1st place - Shravya P “Cali Style”





Honorable Mention - Stellen C “I Like the Lives”

2nd Place - Stellen C “I Wish I was Tiny Enough”

1st Place - Avyukta N “My Toy Room”


1st Grade

Honorable Mention - Shreeya S “By the River”

Honorable Mention - Kara Rachele D “Our Home”

2nd Place - Anmay C “My Garden Flowers”

1st Place - Shreeya S “Church”


2nd Grade

Honorable Mention Pranav S “Sweet Home”

Honorable Mention - Pranav S “ Wild Animal Safari”

2nd Place - Thaman K “On the Tennis Court”

1st Place - Nitya R “The Sleeping Otters”


3rd Grade

Honorable Mention -Tejas V “Magic Way to My Favorite Place”

Honorable Mention -  Kristyana S “Spider Web Fun”

2nd Place - Tejas V “My Favorite Place”

1st Place - Emily J “The Sun Setting”


4th Place

Honorable Mention - Dhruti A “A Ride in the Park”

2nd Place - Dhruti A “A Relaxing Stroll by the Park”

1st Place - Aditya M “Tennis”

5th Grade

Honorable Mention - Erin H “Up in the Sky”

2nd Place - Iris L “Nature”

1st Place  - Emma Rose M “Ocean Tide”



2nd Grade

2nd Place - Nitya R “The Great Circus”

1st Place - Harshika S “My Happy Place”


3rd Grade

Honorable Mention - Kristyana S “Heart Harp”

2nd place - Tejas V - “My Favorite Place”

1st place - Tejas V “Knowledge is Wealth”


4th Grade

Honorable Mention - Tharun G “Ode to Eiffel Tower”

2nd place - Pranav K “Found You”

1st place - Shreya J “Fort Mountain Music”


5th Grade

2nd place -Stephan A “German Song”

1st place - Sara P “Burlesque in G Major”





2nd Place - Ameera J “My Favorite Place”

1st Place - Avyukta N “My Toy Room”


1st Grade

Honorable Mention - Kara Rachele D “Our Home”

Honorable Mention - Yousuf M “Fowler Park”

2nd Place - Shreeya S “Smoky Mountain”

1st place - Sarvani G “The Beach”


2nd Grade

Honorable Mention - Nitya R “My Trip to Las Vegas, LA”  

2nd Place - Pranav S “My Favorite Place - Library”

1st Place - Thaman K “Home Sweet Home”


3rd Grade

Honorable Mention - Tanya J “My Favorite Place - Beach”

2nd Place - Chelsie S “Everyone’s Favorite Place”

2nd Place - Alyssa R “Imagine Hard”

1st Place - Tejas V “My Favorite Place”


4th Grade

Honorable Mention - Priyanka B “Where They Belong”

2nd place - Aditya M “Great Outdoors”

1st place - Dhruti A “My Favorite Place in the Whole Wide World”


5th Grade

Honorable Mention - Sophia C “My Favorite Place”

2nd Place - Rhea N “Beach Vibes”

1st Place - Iris L “All a Dream”


Visual Arts



2nd place - Arjun P “Colorful Family”

1st place - Declan C “Magic Door”


1st Grade

Honorable Mention - Yousuf M “An Evening with my Friends”

2nd place - Shreeya S “My Garden”

1st place - Shreeya S “Beach”


2nd Grade 

Honorable Mention - Thaman K “A Wave of Fun”

Honorable Mention - Nitya R “Santa Monica Pier”

2nd place - Pranav S “Aquarium”

1st place - Nethru P “Paris”


3rd Grade 

Honorable Mention - Kristyana S “Grandma’s Garden”

2nd place - Dhiya P “Calm Beach Day”

1st place - Chelsie S “Space Between Mother’s Arms”


4th Grade

Honorable Mention - Dhruti A “The Beach”

2nd place - Shreya J  “Fort Mountain Park”

1st place - Tharun G “I Love Eiffel Tower”


5th Grade

Honorable Mention - Gaargi S “Rain Forest”

Honorable Mention - Riley S “ Little Time at the Pool”

2nd place - Amithi R “Taj Mahal”

1st place - Iris L “Sky”

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